To Start

 image of wind it and bind it

Make your binding using whatever construction method you normally choose prior to applying it to your quilt. The width of the unfinished binding should be between 2.25" and 2.5" wide. Once your binding is folded in half and ironed, take one end of the binding and attach it to the middle of the spool. Whenever possible, use either blue painter's tape or regular office tape to hold the binding on the spool because they do not leave a sticky residue.

Wind the Binding on the Spool

winding binding on the spool

Hand wind the binding until all of it is on the spool. The binding may stick out past the spool. The Wind it & Bind It™ is capable of holding enough binding to make a king-size quilt. It works best if you wind the binding onto the spool clockwise with the fold at the top, so the binding spools off counter-clockwise when it is being sewn onto your quilt.

Insert the Wind it & Bind It™ onto the Dowel

winding binding on the spool

Place the small acrylic dowel into the hole on the base and slip the spool with the binding onto the acrylic dowel. The spool turns easily on the dowel to facilitate sewing the binding to the quilt.

Sew the Binding to Your Quilt

winding binding on the spool

There are skid-proof tabs on the bottom of the Wind It and Bind It™ spool base so you can set the base just to the right or in the front of your machine and it won't move around. You can now sew your binding onto your quilt without having it tangle. Once you have finished sewing the binding to your quilt, remove whatever is left from the spool, along with the tape, and you are ready for your next quilt.

Additonal Supplies

winding binding on the spool

The Wind It & Bind It™ can also be used to store multiple bindings by adding an optional longer acrylic dowel and additional spools.